How Should a Resume Look Like?

The resume trends are ever changing. There is always something new and different we must include in the resume based on the latest technological advancement. But one thing that remains constant without changing over the years is that the potential employer will only spend a few seconds on your resume before deciding to move on or stay.Often it’s vital to hire CV Writing Services in Dubai, UAE to ensure that a well-crafted resume reaches the employer.

So how can you make your resume look so that the employer decides to stay? Let’s discuss.

  1. Make Your Resume Clean

Clean means that there should be no information cluttered around. Everything must be organized in such a way that it flows logically and is structured in an easy to read format. The font cannot be Times New Roman because even though it’s a standard, it’s outdated and boring. Instead, use a professional and sleeker font. Size the font at the reasonable 11 or 12 depending on the font typeface. It should be easy to read but not too big.

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  1. Design Matters

Although you need to maintain a professional and clean look, that doesn’t mean it should be dull and boring. Use interactive designs and make sure that the designs guide the eyes from one point to the next in a logical manner. Avoid bright, vibrant colors like orange or green and also overtly dark colors like deep purple or navy blue. What you’re looking for is the balance.

  1. The First Section Is Important

The potential employer will not spend more than a few seconds on your resume and will only but glance at the first section of your resume. If the first section is not engaging enough, the resume will be stashed in a pile of unread ones.It may be beneficial to you to include your LinkedIn profile to sample your work if required.

  1. Highlight Key Skills

Key skills in the resume are also a part of the top that the employer looks at. So advertise yourself and promote your strongest key skills. This will immediately show what you can do for the employer. Getting resume writing help in Dubai, UAE will increase the probability of your resume being noticed by the potential employer.

  1. Control The Content

Your resume must and this is an absolute must, only include relevant information to the job you are applying to. Please remove all unrelated job roles and descriptions from the resume as it will just eat space and not add any more worth to your resume.

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