Before we start discussing resume, let us differentiate between resume from CV or curriculum vitae in Latin word. Generally, people think that CV and Resume are the same.  As per the understanding, it is but basically, it is identical in a way but it has contrasting points.  A CV is an in-depth insight document that written in two to three pages maximum of four pages depending on the expertise and portfolio of the candidate.  It consists of highly-level details of candidate’s achievements or accomplishments, skills and qualifications thus a CV consists the educational or academic background, certificates and training, promotions, awards, and other relevant information that is required to be included in the CV document in order to showcase the candidates’ portfolio or credentials.

Resume, on the other hand, is a concise or condensed summary of work history, skills, achievements and qualifications written on one page to two pages long.  The main objective of the resume is to make the candidate stand out amongst the rest of the job seekers applying for the same job position.  The resume is a document that can be customised as per client’s requirements and per what is being asked to tailor the need of a specific vacant post and the information is written in bullet points for a more clearer and easy reading of the HR, recruiter or potential employer.  In writing a resume for the job application, it is important that you chose the right format or layout that will match your job you are intending to apply for.  You can use either functional, chronological or a combination of both formats.

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In countries like Canada and US, then would use professional resume for job application abroad or seeking an academic or education oriented position. But job seekers for medical field or discipline they use CV instead of resumes.  Other countries outside US or Canada such as Europe, UK, Middle East, Gulf Region, Ireland, New Zealand and even in Germany they would prefer to use CV that resumes when applying for a job.  But in India, Australia, and South Africa they used resume for private sector job application and CV for a job position in public services.

Nowadays, candidates seek CV services of resume writers or CV makers for creating a professional resume that furnishes them with impressive resume writing.  What makes a successful resume? A resume is your self-marketing and advertisement so your resume needs the right format and proper flow and outshining content that will match your job profile.  Remember that one of the essential and crucial elements for job application is to have a winning resume and in this context, it is advisable that you consult a cv expert for cv writing which will showcase your portfolio professionally, impressively and powerful. Other than a resume, it would be better to have winning cover letter writing.  Companies are receiving bulk numbers of resume every day and HR or recruiters do not have the whole day to read all the resume, they will only have the minute to scan your document, so your resume must be impressively written to grab their attention and give a positive impression.  If you have written a professional resume you have great chances of getting to the next level after getting shortlisted is the interview.

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Writing a professional resume or CV writing is a bit challenging, as you need to outshine other candidates seeking for the same job position.  Here are some tips to consider in cv writing or writing a professional resume.

  1. Chose the best format for the resume
  2. Make it clear and readable
  3. Consistency in writing the resume is important
  4. Keep it on the focal point
  5. Have a proper flow
  6. Make it impressive and eye-catchy
  7. Avoid slang or flowery words whenever necessary
  8. Refrain from using jargon words not unless required
  9. Use understandable languages
  10. Review, Proofread and edit the spelling, grammars, punctuations, etc

Remember, that badly written resume or poor resume writing would have a negative impact and possible not leading you to land the job you are aiming for. You want to get shortlisted and go for an interview? Then better upgrade your resume by seeking cv services from professional cv writers for cv writing and professional resume writing.  Your resume is your career investment for landing a good job.