How Can I Make CV For Job

How do you write a CV for job application?  Unsure what sections and content to include in your CV? And how, why and when to use a CV or a Resume? Usually, in the US, resume is being used rather than a CV or curriculum vitae.  And it is primarily being used in applying for education or academic, research or scientific positions and used for grants applications.  Whilst, on the other hand, CV is being used by job seekers applying for job in Europe, Africa, Middle East or Gulf Region, Asia.

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Remember that each CV is different and unique.  Your CV personal statement is one of the vital aspects in writing your CV.  It is actually where you impart an overview of you and injects some sort of personal touch of your personality.  In here you must highlight certain important qualifications that will showcase your credential s or personal portfolio in order to match that role for the job you are applying for. You must make the positive first impression and great impact to the readers, potential employers or HR.

Basically, writing a CV for job application is not that easy task.  It takes a lot of time of conceptualizing the right CV content and layout also formatting a good CV. If you are not confident enough with your CV, you can ask a CV experts Dubai for CV advice from professional CV writing services and Resume Writing.  There’s what we call a customise CV writing where a professional CV maker in Dubai can write your CV as per required standard.

In writing a CV, you will have to begin with a professional personal profile or writing a good CV personal statement that will showcase and highlights the very best of your skills, expertise, knowledge, and accomplishments as a candidate for the vacant job offering. A professional CV formatting is needed to make it more impressive and in order to have a proper flow of your CV writing that is appropriate and relevant to the job you are applying for.  Along with writing your CV is making an effective cover letter.  Literally, in professional CV writing, you are selling or marketing your skills, qualifications, and proficiencies to the prospective or potential employer or recruitment.

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Writing a resume needs to be concise but detailed.  Usually, length of resume is not more than 2 pages compared to writing a CV which you can make it maximum of 3 or 4 pages depending on the job specifications and qualifications of the candidate or client.  Writing a resume for immigration purpose has certain standard to follow. It differs from which embassy you are intending to submit your resume – UK, USA, UAE, and Australia.  Basically, every country has its own CV format that needs to be followed and taken into consideration.

How vital is photograph in a CV or resume? Primarily, having a photo attached to the CV or resume is becoming important in the recruitment firm as this is one of the easiest ways to recognize and remember you.  But take into account that when you decide to attach your photo in your CV it must look professional to make a great impression to the reader.

Why do we need to use bullet points instead of a paragraph in writing a CV or resume?  Using bullet points helps to make it clearer to look at and easy to read thus it helps to segregate or divide the CV layout.   And it most importantly it can grab attention to specific key points and skills hence can avoid your CV from presenting it in one huge block of text content.

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A piece of advice from an expert CV writing, before finalizing your CV make sure to check your spelling, grammar, punctuations, languages you have used.  Proofread, revised and edit as much as possible to ensure that all the data and information written in the CV is correct, proper and relevant.  A poor CV writing would lead to CV rejection and low chances of getting shortlisted.  As much as possible, update your CV, don’t get it outdated.  Remember, your CV is a reflection of you.  Lastly, when sending your CV via email, convert your word file to pdf format to ensure that the HR can open your attachment on any device.  PDF format maintains your CV formatting and ensures that the reader, HR or employer can see and read your CV the way you intended to.